Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Swimming the Summer Away

It has been a while since I have posted anything out here. I have been enjoying the summer with the children. I find it amazing and exhilirating yet the time flies - what have I really done? Not much if you look at the tasks but worlds if you look at the young faces. I am back to just attending church - how relaxing. So far, I have put off the call for volunteer work for the most part.
In two and a half weeks, I have exercised with my son and daughter, watched swim meets and a baseball game.

The rain has really bitten into the sporting events, but we spend hours at the indoor pools working on dives, strokes and flips. both kids make me really proud.
I have also listened and listened and listened to the frustrated hormone speak of a 9 year old! When did adolescence move back this far? I am exhausted but glad that I can be here for her - well most of the time I am glad. My 6 year old son and I had a talk about understanding girls and why they "Wig out" - yeesh! Ministry internship ended just in time for mom job to kick into high gear. Can I go off to summer camp for a few weeks?

OH yeh - I am sort of! I am excited for the break but will miss the 12 days with my children. I will be at the Ganado Navajo Reservation in Arizona on a mission trip. I am really looking forward to the work that we will do there and the experience with the youth. I expect to come back tired but more ready to deal with younger children again after being with the true teens for a while!!